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Ohio - Useful Facts & Figures

One of the prerequisites of a visit to Ohio is a general idea about its facts and figures. Here are some of the most essential Ohio facts which all individuals, whether they are locals or visitors, need to know.

Ohio is the 17th state in the USA. Ohio was declared as a state in 1803. Its state capital is Columbus, which is also Ohio's largest city. In addition, Ohio is the 34th biggest state, having an area of 44,828 square miles. With regard to its population, Ohio is the seventh most populous state, after states like California, New York, and Texas. Its major industries are manufacturing of steel, rubber, and plastic products, and constructions of vehicles such as cars and airplanes.

Moving on, Ohio's geography consists of major rivers such as Ohio River, Cuyahoga River, and Miami River, and major lakes such as Lake Erie. Ohio's highest point is at Campbell Hill, which stands 1,549 feet above sea level. Its bordering states include Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana. Last but not least, with regard to its climate, Ohio is generally hot and humid during summers, while winters range from cold to moderately cool.

Ohio is a major tourist destination and boasts of major attractions like the Hocking Hills, the Wayne National Forest and also educational institutions like Ohio State University.